Greenlaners vehicle functions overview

Road mode

Less gears with a wider spread and handling suited to driving on mainland roads.

Offroad mode

Closer ratio gears and handling optimised for coping with SL terrain.


Flips the vehicle back to the correct way up, for use if you manage to turn it over.

Cam reset

Resets the camera to the original position/rotation in case it becomes borked with a bad border crossing, or when a passenger unsits.

"On Tow"

Makes the vehicle become physical and non-driving, for use with transporters.

Journey Logger

I devised the Journey Logger to enable you to log the sims you have driven through, count them and also to take more detailed readings such as time, position and parcel name when manual readings are taken. Although this device adds a little extra demand on the sim, when not in use it is totally disabled and has almost no demand at all.

Other features

Some of my more specialised vehicles have features not mentioned here, dependant on their purpose. Please read the information on the notecards (available via my HippoVend vendors), or on the listings.

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