Tatra 813 Road-rail

Revision: r02


Arrow keys to drive
Shift + direction arrows to strafe in flight mode
Pg up/down to change gears or up/down in flight mode


Touch the roof to sound the horn.
Touch the dropsides to open/close.
Touch anywhere else for the menu.



ROAD 〰 Sets to a driving mode optimised for road driving, 8 wide ratio gears. This is the default on rez.

OFF ROAD 〽 Sets to a driving mode optimised for offroad driving, 12 close ratio gears in forwards and reverse (see note below).

FLIGHT ✈ Enters flight mode.

RECOVER ↺ This rights the vehicle should you turn it over.

CAM RESET◉ A camera reset, for when passengers unsit and your camera borks.

ON TOW (!) Sets the vehicle as physical, for use with transporters (see note below).

Eject Menu ⇪ Opens the eject menu.

Log ◘ Opens the Journey Logger menu (see below)

Internet Opens the internet menu (see below)

RAIL ⇌ Drops the bogeys and sets the vehicle in Rail mode, for use on the SLRR and other similar systems.

Also engine sound on/off buttons.


This vehicle is designed to follow the SLRR center-rail system by physics alone. The bogies either side help keep the vehicle on the center-rail, as long as you bear in mind the following:

SLRR track is not perfect and can be a rather bumpy ride. For this reason, I recommend using no higher gear than 7th gear on the flat for a sustained period, and for smoothest sim crossing, use 5th. Some very tight corners may need an even lower gear, such the one at Columbia which is best taken in 5th or below.

JOINING THE LINE BY DRIVING: Joining the track by driving can be tricky but is best in offroad mode, approached at 45 degrees in 3rd/4th gear steering towards the center-rail, sometimes better backwards depending on the local terrain. It is easier to join at the grade crossings like Oculea or Mocis as the guide prims on the track are phantom until the trigger is touched.. The grade crossing at Oculea recognises object names with SLRR at the begining and you will notice that this vehicle renames itself when in rail mode to enable it to utilise this type of crossing.

JOINING THE LINE BY FLYING: It is MUCH easier to join in most locations using flight mode, especially as this vehicle has a slow, accurate flight mode. The easiest way is to drive along side the line, enter flight mode and strafe across the track (shift + arrow).

Once you are centered up nicely on the rail, touch the vehicle and select "RAIL ⇌" to drop the bogies. Then press an arrow key to drive. The vehicle has a hands-free throttle, the vehicle begins in 2nd gear. To stop you need to down shift into 1st gear (zero speed). To resume driving select 2nd gear or above and then press an arrow key. This means you can set the vehicle going and enjoy the view or chat with your friends. When stopped in 1st gear, a press of an arrow key will revert the engine sound to idle.

For maps, landmarks and other useful rail information, visit the Explorers Information Centre on Heterocera Atoll, visit the Greenlaners web-site or keep track of developments on this mainland by joining the Protected Route Interest Group or one of the specific rail groups. There is also a direct link to the Greenlaners Heterocera map: http://heterocera.map.greenlaners.com/

There are some other resident provided lines around the grid, this vehicle will ride most centre rail guided lines but is optimised for the SLRR standards. You may notice changes in performance on other lines and more frequent de-railments on some of the higher than spec lines.



The Journey Logger will log your journey in 3 ways.

When "ON" is selected, it will log each sim you travel through (giving you a message in chat to confirm, like this: [14:22] Journey Logger: ✔).

Manual will log more detailed information about your location and only each time you select it. It logs the time, sim, position and parcel name.

You can also collect slurls using the relevant button.

There are options in the memory to view the Manual readings, slurls, totals or list all. When "list" is selected, it will automatically stop logging, though it won't reset the list unless you select "reset".

The script will reset itself on rez and is always off when you rez it. You may sometimes notice a slight drop in vehicle script performance when it is on due to it's nature, but in the off mode it will have no noticable effect in any aspect of the vehicles performance.



Greenlaners - Takes you to the main Greenlaners web-site.

Instructions - Takes you to a web version of this document.

on slapt.me - Takes you to the Greenlaners listings on slapt.me (merchant site).

slurl map - Takes you to the slurl map web-site, showing your current location (VERY USEFUL!).

SL Wiki - Takes you to the main SL Wiki page.

After choosing an option, another blue window opens where you choose "Go to page". The web page will then open in your default browser.



This vehicle can be driven in mouselook, you will find a mouselook button at the bottom of the screen.

The reverse gears change at the same time as the forward gears (reverse gears in OFFROAD mode only), so for example, when you are driving forwards in 5th, your reverse speed will be the same. The reason for this is to aid in reversing out of a nose-down-hole situation.

Although you can enter the "On Tow" mode while driving, to resume driving after you must un-sit and re-select "drive" from the pie menu. This means that if you want to remain seated while being transported by a friend, you can do this. Please also be aware that Homestead sims have depreciated physics properties, so carrying vehicles may not work as well as normal sims.