Current vehicle script revision details

DB4 The first incarnation of the new script concept. All chat commands removed, new menu system, multi driving modes. -None remaining-
DB4.2 Handling tweaked. Tatra 813 Kolos 6x6 #
DB4.3 Gear reset revised. -None remaining-
DB4.4 Menu adjusted, tyre textures and scripts revised. Fuchs APC #
DB4.5 Handling tweaked. Tatra 813 Amphi #
DB4.6 Development script only. n/a
DB4.7 Recover function refined, 2500kb saved via sub-routines, eject bug fixed, flight bug fixed, cam bug fixed, horn & mode change sounds added. -None remaining-
DB4.8 Journey Logger added. -None remaining-
DB4.9 Minor script edit. -None remaining-
DB4.10 Minor script edit. -None remaining-
DB4.11 Road handling adjusted. Journey logger now collects slurls. All menu scripts refined. Alvis Stalwart
Alvis Stalwart & Trailer *
Alvis Stalwart TOUR

DB5 Major revision! The same features as DB4.11 but reduced script size. Wheel scripts heavily revised with the rotation bug fixed (thanks Patrick!) and added reversing rotations. Menus also refined. -None remaining-
DB5.1 Emergency bug fix, steering bug. New Internet menu added. Mouselook button bug fixed. Unimob U5500T
Unimob U5500PT
MAZ 543
Tatra 813 MilArt *
Tatra 813 CivArt *
Tatra 813 6x6 Trials #
Unimob U5000PD
Tatra 815 Dumper
DB5.2 Development script only n/a
DB5.3 Development script only. Due to script size limitation, trailer vehicles and road-rail vehicles will not progress to the DB6 type script until further developments allow. The DB5 type will continue for these vehicles only, all others will progress with DB6 type. Note that from this stage onwards, no Greenlaners vehicles use mono due to doubts about its stability and its negative impact on sim performance. In fact, only the road-rail Unimob used Mono anyway and one of the goals of the DB5 type was elimination of this one mono script. I never noticed any performance issues when driving the vehicle, but the safest option is always best. n/a

DB6 Guest mode added! Scripts refined. Havok 7 compatible. Tatra 815 MilTrans
DB6.1 Guest mode adjusted. Gear change adjusted. Tatra 815 Mil 6x6
DB5.4 Bug fix for stack-heap collision with the T813 Road-Rail; script size reduced to allow more spare memory. The Road-rail vehicles will now have 5 modes (road, offroad, rail, on-tow and flight) without the need for mono. Tatra 813 Road-rail *
DB5.5 In-wheel scripts replaced with a central wheel control script, giving reductions in script use! Front wheels steer less above a certain speed. Menus revised. Unimob Road-rail *
DB6.2 Incorporated the developments from DB5.4 & 5.5 and some minor revisions. Pinzgauer M6AP
ATF Dingo #
MAZ 7310
DB6.3 Added parking steer selection feature, pioneered on the MAZ 7310. Road handling adjusted. Tatra 813M8
Tatra 813M6
Pinzgauer Military 4x4
Pinzgauer Rasta 4x4
DB6.4 Road handling adjusted again, sim server release caused minor physics change again (grrr). Also added feedback link to the internet menu. Pinzgauer 6x6
DB6.5 Off-road handling adjusted. Unimob U2450M6
Unimob U2450WT4

DB7 Suspension added in off-road mode. maps added to the internet menu. T813 Trials
Pinzgauer 6x6 Utility
G-Wagen #
Tatra 815 Paris-Dakar #
Pinzgauer Trials
Tatra 815 Trials #
Unimob U2400
Tatra 815 Transporter

To find out the script type in a vehicle, follow these steps:

1: Right click the vehicle and select "edit"
2: On the edit window, click "Contents"
3: You can now view the root prim contents. The driving script name will begin with DB4/DB4.5 etc.

The other numbers/letters after the name are for my reference and do not necessarily mean anything, as I often forget to change them after working on a script.

# = Archived/discontinued (no more updates)
* = Customised version to suit a specialised vehicle

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