Greenlaners Product Videos

Quality and FPS are always limited with my videos, as I only have an old laptop with limited capabilities!
Newest videos are shown first.

Introducing the first Greenlaners products to be released with dynamic suspension.
The Greenlaners Tatra 813 Tank Transporter showing it's power...
Features an original video by Tom Smart at the beginning (available here). Music by Jahvisst.

The transporter, trailer and the vehicles being carried are all physical, no attachments or follower scripts used.

Demonstrating the capabilities of the Greenlaners Alvis Stalwart. Neither the Pinzgauers nor the trailer have laggy follower scripts. The "On Tow" function turns the Pinzgauers into physical objects to enable them to be transported.

The trailer has a prim connection with the truck and is only scripted to turn physics on/off, to define physics parameters, texture rotation for the wheels and the scripts for the dropsides/tailgate. Music by Volphoniq.

Testing the Greenlaners Unimog Road-rail at Flossberg City, Rivata. Driven in 4th gear without derailment. This was part of the testing I did after introducing the hands-free throttle.

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Music by:
ADF (Apocalypse Dub Faction)

On road, off road, on rail...oh and it flies too!

Don't be where you want to drive, drive where you want to be!

Heavy Tank pulling!

"You can't pull anything in SL since H4, things just fall out of the connection"

PAH! I have figured out a follower scripts or attachment...just applied knowledge of prims :)

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